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Online and Phone Services

I am able to offer most of the services I provide, online or over the phone. This can make them more accessible as well as providing greater flexibility and choice. I currently work using all of the mediums identified below and in May 2019 I successfully completed ‘The OCST 1 Online Counselling Diploma’ with Online Counselling Services and Training (OCST), this organisation is recognised by the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO).

How do I provide my services online?

I provide Counselling, Supervision and ‘Space for Parent’s’ services online in the UK and under UK law.

I provide a ‘real time’ service,  Video Calling using VSee (this is a secure and encrypted platform used for online counselling), Instant Messaging (IM) (using VSee) and an asynchronous or more simply put a non ‘real time’ service (as in we don’t have to be online at the same time) email counselling using Protonmail (an encrypted and secure email platform).

For Video Calling and IM we would agree an appointment time when we would both be on-line using VSee and this would be our session. Sessions are 1 or 1 ½ hour long (dependent on service).

I will send you an invite to VSee,  I would ask that you complete the necessary steps prior to our initial session time and then email me at or message me through VSee platform to inform me that you have done this successfully. It is important that this is done in good time before our first appointment.

For Email we will agree a time when you will send me an email by and then I will respond within 48hrs from that time/ date. I agree to spend a maximum of one hour reading and responding to your email, this is counted as 1 session. It is up to you how long or how many emails you send me for any one session but I will still spend a maximum of an hour reading and responding, I will send you the response 48 hours after the time and date we had agreed for your submission. I ask that you send me your emails to  using Protonmail as this is a secure and encrypted email and as such will keep our correspondence more secure and confidential. You can create a free email account at


What is Online or Phone Counselling?

Well the simplest explanation would be it is counselling online or over the phone, and in that gives you the opportunity to access counselling support at a time and place that is convenient to you and without the face to face quality of traditional counselling where you meet a therapist in person. I recognise that for some people these aspects of online/phone counselling are very important.  What I seek to provide as a counsellor using any medium is a relationship that you may use for your own personal growth; a safe place where you can undertake an exploratory dialogue (this need not be limited to words), within a professional, confidential and trusting relationship.

Online/phone counselling can provide support for all manner of needs, life challenges and issues, however there are occasions where it is not considered an appropriate form of support (an example is where a client is considered at risk). As such during the initial enquiry/assessment process or ongoing sessions if I have any such concerns I would consult with my supervisor and seek to inform you of alternative support options that you could make contact with. If this were the case it would mean that online/phone services would not be an ongoing option but I would always seek to keep you informed and involved in the process and bring our sessions to an appropriate ending, as I recognise that this is important. Likewise I would hope that if you had any concerns about the appropriateness of accessing online/phone counselling yourself you would raise these with me.

Please see my contact details below or use the form if you would like to discuss this with me further. 

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