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Pastoral Supervision

I am able to provide Pastoral Supervision that is based in an accepting, non judgemental and supportive relationship where the worker (supervisee) is at the centre, whilst those they work with are not forgotten. The context and organisational needs within which the work takes place is also recognised. A confidential and contracted space where the worker can off load; reflect; wonder; explore; find challenge, new insight, learning and understanding with respect to themselves and their practice. This is a process that both parties need to be open to enter into and embrace as best they can. The expected outcomes would be reducing the possibility of burn-out and negative impact of the work on the worker, their family and friends. Whilst enhancing the service offered to those that they seek to serve in their role, thus having a positive outcome for any employing organisation both in terms of worker wellbeing, development and enhanced service delivery.

Since 2016 I have been providing supervision to those providing Pastoral Care, having developed and applied my skills and knowledge from Reflective Practice and Counselling Supervision to this role. I bring to this role extensive personal experience of providing Pastoral Care within an International Christian Community based overseas; Local Church and a UK based National Christian Organisation providing bereavement support. I have also fulfilled various community and education based support roles including with families and children; naval  community; in areas of ethnic and cultural diversity. 


I believe that supervision can be useful to many and would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to explore the options and opportunities available regardless of whether they necessarily fit into the traditional box for those that access such opportunities. This may be individuals employed in caring or support roles or those who provide such services to family or friends...such as those parenting or caring for loved ones of any age or stage in their lives.

The Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators define Pastoral Supervision in the following way (please click this link)  

I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor and Supervisor, Registered Members of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists); ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors) and Member of APSE (The Association of Pastoral Supervision and Education).

I work within BACP and ACC’s codes of ethics and in line with APSE understanding of Pastoral Supervision and their code of conduct.

I’m insured and comply with GDPR and have regular supervision for my work.

I have a particular desire to support those working in Christian Leadership and within the context of the local church.


I have particular expertise, training and experience with respect to bereavement and loss.


For 7 years I provided Pastoral Care in Spain in my second language and as such bring some understanding of cross cultural working and even though I am no longer totally fluent in Spanish I am able to work bilingually to a degree.

Alongside supervision for this work I regularly access Spiritual Direction.

Please see my contact details below or use the form if you would like to discuss this service with me further. 

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