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Counselling Individuals 

I find it a great privilege to be a counsellor as well as a great responsibility which I do my best to live up to.

For me the relationship that whoever I work with and I are able to create together is one of the most important aspect of counselling; alongside working ethically …………I believe that it’s so important that we feel confident and that we can trust a person that we are seeking to talk to, especially if that ‘talking to’ is about stuff that maybe we find difficult to mention or discuss with anyone else……….maybe even tricky to even acknowledge to ourselves.

I’ve been counselling now for over 10 years and for most of that time it has been my full time job and if not a major part of my working hours.

I have extensive experience working with children and young people (5-25 yr olds), having worked within both primary and secondary schools as well as community settings and a hospice. All my employment has been within the charity sector, having worked for Relate and YMCA (Dialogue). I also volunteered with Place 2 Be. I have worked with a vast array of presenting issues which have been as diverse as the people that I have worked with. As well as having extensive experience of supporting parents/carers during their child/young persons therapy…..

I have also worked with families and adult individuals across the whole spectrum of ages and have enjoyed doing so.

So what is counselling, well for me it is a relationship that I as counsellor or therapist (I tend to use these words interchangeably) seek to provide which you as client may use for your own personal growth……this may be whatever it is for you…………. I believe that each and every one of us has the capacity to be more than what we currently are and to live in a way that is more fulfilling than we currently find it. For me this isn’t about changing others or our circumstances, be these things that have just happened; that happened ages ago or that we think or even know will or may happen. It’s often about changing our relationship to these things and the limiting messages we have received throughout life. It’s a recognition that we have the capacity to make change for ourselves and in ourselves………….yes I do believe we really do; it’s ok that that isn’t where you are right now…………..where you are is really important to me in our relating and often it’s just great to be with someone that allows you to be where you are and actually accept you there, just like you are…………………………………………I will seek to do this!

So in terms of therapy or counselling I see it as a relational, exploratory, dialogue – a meaning making encounter….so in short we will create a relationship where you are able to make sense of maybe some of the things that have previously not made sense……….One thing I won’t do is give you answers as you are the one who has these but I’ll be there to the degree that you want me to as you go on your journey of discovery and do bring many resources to the table in terms of ideas, knowledge and experience which I will offer to you.


Please see my contact details below or use the form if you would like to discuss this service with me further. 

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